Goal update

Baseline (2020): 25%

2022 Percentage: 31%

2030 Goal: 40%


How we move around in the world has big impacts on our personal and community wellbeing. Transportation is also a major contributor to GHG emissions in Omaha. By encouraging active commute modes, such as walking, biking, taking the bus, and carpooling, and by creating structures that make it easy to actively commute, Millwork Commons strives to improve community health and reduce negative environmental impacts associated with driving alone in a vehicle.

Current Initiatives

  • Traditional and electric bikes are available from Heartland BCycle. Ride or return a bike at the station on the corner of 13th and Nicholas.
  • If you have your own bike, you can store it, make repairs, or pump tires in the bike room of the Ashton building.
  • Omaha Metro added a bus stop at 13th and Nicholas St. in 2020. Omaha Metro has an easily accessible map and mobile app to allow you to smoothly plan your commute via public transit.
  • Live near where you work! Millwork Commons’ first apartment building, HELLO Apartments, will open in 2022.

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