Goal update

Baseline (2020): 16%

Goal: 90%

Reducing waste at the source is the first and best step to responsible waste management. When materials cannot be reused, Millwork Commons provides tenants and guests with recycling and composting options so we can all keep materials out of the landfill.

Current Initiatives

  • Composting was implemented throughout the Mastercraft building and on the main floor of the Ashton building in the summer of 2021. Organic materials, such as food waste and used paper towels, are now being turned into soil.
  • A customized toolkit for tenants helps navigate material management in the neighborhood. Resources in the toolkit include tips on how to reduce waste at the source and how to set up effective waste collection stations.
  • The neighborhood’s materials management process follows an integrated waste management plan that includes best practices for waste diversion, including national standards for signage and ensuring both Spanish and English languages are available on recycling and composting signs throughout the neighborhood.
  • Millwork Commons works with Hillside Solutions to manage our waste and divert materials from the landfill. Learn more about Hillside’s services and how to get started with a solid waste management program with their Quick Start Guide here.

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