Goal update

Baseline (2020): 50

2022 Score: 51

2030 Goal: 65

In collaboration with our partners in sustainability at Verdis Group, Millwork Commons evaluates sustainability engagement with a survey every other year. Results from this survey determine the neighborhood’s Sustainability Engagement Score (SES). There are 100 possible points and the survey measures sustainability engagement across the five dimensions:

  1. Awareness of sustainability: familiarity with sustainability and related concepts
  2. Awareness of efforts: familiarity with sustainability initiatives at Millwork Commons
  3. Behavioral frequency: how often respondents report participating in specific sustainable behaviors
  4. Perceived norms: how often respondents believe others participate in those same behaviors
  5. Knowledge: understanding of how to take sustainable actions

Current Initiatives

  • To help tenants understand waste management best practices, Millwork Commons has a customized toolkit for tenants. Resources in the toolkit include tips on how to reduce waste at the source and how to set up effective waste collection stations.

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