2030 Sustainability Goals

Since the beginning, Millwork Commons has been committed to sustainability, making it a top priority to reduce the neighborhood’s negative environmental impacts. Millwork Commons is an innovative district powered by collaborative relationships and regenerative systems, which means we’re striving to move beyond merely minimizing our negative impacts to maximizing our positive impacts. We lead today with responsible design and position our people, infrastructure, and economy for the possibilities of the future.

Being sustainable is the right thing to do and from the earliest stages of developing the neighborhood, we have been mindful about integrating sustainability throughout every phase of design, construction, and operations. Millwork Commons embraces and encourages diversity, innovation, and creativity – all of which are fundamental to sustainable, inclusive, and transformative spaces. The site of Millwork Commons was selected for its regenerative capacity, a place where healthy ecological and social relationships could be restored. Native and resilient landscaping, proximity to public transit and multi-modal transportation options, reuse of existing materials and entire buildings, resilient infrastructure, high density, and local retail were all core elements during the earliest conceptual phases of Millwork Commons.

Building on the early concepts of sustainability for the neighborhood, Millwork Commons adopted five sustainability goals focusing on greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste, transportation and engagement. These goals guide the design, construction, operations, and management of the district by focusing on minimizing harm to the environment and maximizing the neighborhood’s efforts to benefit the community and natural world.

Our Goals